Products & Services

*Labor Rate is $97.00 an hour*

Lube, Oil and Filter Change

Wiper Blades

Free Brake Inspection

Free Belts & Hoses Inspection

Carkeeper Brake Service Package

1 Year Warranty Brake Pads

Standard Brake Service - Lifetime Warranty Brake Pads & Machined Rotors

Ceramic Brake Service Package - Lifetime Warranty Ceramic Brake Pads & Machine Rotors

Brake Service Clean & Adjustment


Wheel Balancing

Tire Rotation

Automatic Transmission Oil & Filter 

Automatic Transmission Flush & Fill 

Free Courtesy/Safety Check

27 Point Safety Inspection with every vehicle

Constant Velocity Drive Shaft

Cooling System Service

Gabriel G-Force Struts

Gabriel G-Force Shocks

Custom Exhaust

Standard Exhaust

Air Conditioning Inspection

Air Conditioning Recharge

Tune Up Needs

Major & Minor Fuel Inspection Cleaning